anything is possible happy full moon with love

I found this old clip of a film I did ten years ago.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on the film "reservation road".  I had just come out of a very difficult relationship with a man who was on drugs.  it was a very dark time in my life, and I thought my life was over.  I was called to be an extra on this film.  as I was in the union I made money with my sag card.  When on a break I was talking to this man who I thought was an extra.  he was asking me what my fav films were.  At that time I told him one of my favs was" in the name of the father " as I was a big jim Sheridan fan .  I had no idea at the time that I was talking to terry George who was the director of the film I was working on and jim Sheridan was his partner.  Boom he said after lunch I want to give you a part.  I ended up being shot from the side and my voice dubbed which was very upsetting at the time.  But it proved to  me then that anything is possible in a flick of an eye with a little faith everything can change.  my message for this full moon approaching and beyond is to never give up .  just being yourself with a little faith is enough .  You never know where that next door can take you .  happy full moon with love .  here I am listed in the credits as the parent enjoy.  great film that didn't do that well at the box office .


  1. This is a neat story. It's so funny how sometimes your just going along being yourself and something good falls into place because of it! Is that you coming in at 0:30? I always wonder about the people who play non-main characters in films, like, we get to see them for that short moment and then they go on with their film life and the rest of their story never gets told. Even though it sounds like in some ways it wasn't completely what you hoped, it's still a super cool thing to have that experience in your life!

    1. Just saw this now yes you are right it was thank you


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