rebroadcast of an interview i did on empower radio with david farkas


  1. Wow this sounds terribly frightening! Was it a healer who was using sorcery or people who were taking classes with you? Why would someone actually curse someone else for harm? So scary to think ths could happen in a healing space. Thank you for sharing more of your story. You've made illusion to it but this makes some of the things you say really connect

    1. hi yes these were people who said they were healers apparently it happens a lot . I learned we must use discernment . no matter why there is no reason to curse someone because when u do u curse your self. honored to have u listen . thank you

    2. Hi :) That's so crazy. I've met some alternative therapists like chiropractors and so on that I didn't really think were helping a lot but to have someone say they are a healer and use harm is just shocking. I'm so glad you shared this other side. It's a really important reminder to be aware of because a lot of people are wonderful and really trying to help but I guess not everyone. I've been enjoying your blog a lot, roaming around reading different posts when I have some me time. Lots of thought-provoking ideas and info. And it helps me feel more of me, of who I am. I hope I'm saying that somehow that makes sense lol. Anyway, thank you for all your hard work here!

    3. hi yes it is crazy and I so appreciate you reading my blog . I have learned many important lessons that have changed my life forever . And although it has been difficult it has made me who I am and also better to help others . thank you so much for being there with love


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