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the best medicine is love

I have discovered that being in love is the best medicine . thank you drew I love you it was worth the wait . You are amazing xoxo

happy full moon with love

I have learned no matter how much the darkness tries to stop you there
is nothing stronger than the light .  may you choose love in every moment the time is now .

happy super ful moon

for the super full moon on sunday practice seeing beyond the masks and illusions. one of the greatest gifts of going thru my near life and death experience was I was lead to the rites of the munay ki which opened up my psychic ability and my vision and I no longer see people at the physical level but I see people at the level of spirit which is such a huge gift for me coming from a twenty yr acting career in film and tv. lets just say I am not impressed by the physical aspe...ct in people or the labels people give themselves like phd. what really impresses me is the soul and heart of people . what people do for someone else without expecting anything in return. these are the people who I get impressed with . may you glide through this super moon and learn to see people at the level of the heart and soul the level of spirit , and not at the level of what people look like or even what people say they do. may you learn to honor everyone as the divine being that they are the tim…