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time to take your power back and say no more to playng small and all that no longer serves you


happy full moon eclipse

sometimes we have to almost die in order to learn to honor who we are.  this is the time to release and say no more to anyone and everything that no longer serves us.  for me I had to almost die to get it.  I am no longer the same person that I was and I no longer will tolerate anyone or anything that doesn't honor me at the highest.  in nature I am restored .  for the full moon eclipse and beyond say no more to anyone or anything that doesn't treat you like the divine child that you are.  release let go no matter how hard it seems we must in order to transcend and soar to new heights its time.  sometimes its just about releasing an old pattern.  this is the time to release that pattern and let go and be all you can be and more.   aho

be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

My practice reminds me that I am whole . Thank god for my boots . During these intense times on the planet we are all going to need something to rely on hang on everybody . The thing we most forget is we are all in this together and we are supposed to show up for everyone that means everyone. This isn't about survival of the fittest . Because when one hurts we all hurt . Do what you can to help your fellow being on the planet . For in the circle there is no one above you and no one below you. This isn't a competition any longer . One tribe united we can make a difference .