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for the full moon and beyond let it be

for the full moon and beyond this week my guidance is let it be ...... there are massive changes occurring on our planet and everyone is being effected anything and everything that is not for your highest good is leaving your life. anything in you that is not love is coming up to be healed . pay attention observe yourself don't judge yourself and most of all try not to judge others . everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about . try as much as you can to help those in need . smile send love to everyone you meet and watch the ripples of healing change your world and our planet <3 wishing you so many blessings of love and peace xoxox.  if I can assist you on your journey with coaching and spiritual counsel don't hesistate to contact me at debra robinson live your souls journey   thx to the beatles for this song

happy new moon

for the new moon and beyond remember your dreams and dream big fly higher let go of everything and everyone standing in your way and soar the time is now to step into our divine blueprint of what you came here to do. I woke up this morning remembering when I was in high school and would sing pat b. songs in front of my mirror with a hairbrush. somehow the world begins to dictate to us what we do and don't do and we allow our dreams and visions to be crushed with programmed beliefs of what we can and cannot do. this time on earth is about letting go all that programmed and projected stuff and go for it the time is now . happy new moon step out further and fly xoxox