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mentoring and spiritual counsel

love is the answer to every question.. in every moment we have an opportunity to return to love . each time we are triggered we can take a step back and return to love . it takes practice and patience. if we could do this as a nation we could live in peace. try to see each moment as an opportunity to live your life in this vibration and watch the world shift. anything that isn't love is fear and all that is required is more love. family situations are probably the hardest fo...r us as we are the closet to our family members. but in this time on earth we do have an opportunity to be as Christ and live in the Christ consciousness one in which we love one another and love every one you meet as a divine child of god .if i can assist you on your journey with personal coaching, and mentoring and offering you tools to help you navigate through the world with much more ease and grace don't hesitate to contact me here . I have learned there is so much more that goes on around us in…

love is the answer to every question

Gorgeous day in hollywood today filled with so much love love is the greatest gift and the greatest healer on the planet feeling so grateful . Much love and blessings your way may we all take time to love ourselves and one another for when we do ripples of healing can save the world

happy full moon july 2016

Happy full moon . Everyday you have two choices either Choose Love or choose fear choose to harm people or choose to help people the choice is always yours. may you choose love may you choose to help people for when we help people we truly do transform the world. No matter what is done to you striking back only my makes it worse. choose love in every moment and transcend.
if I can assist you on your journey with spiritual counseling or coaching or sending you healing or teaching you how to heal yourself and be your own shaman please don't hesitate to contact me here wishing you much love peace and many blessings always




I am no longer offering psychic readings but one thing I am offering is healing. I can say with absolute amazement that I have sent healing to some of my clients who were in the hospital and thought all hope was lost. I do not personally send the healing myself I send my guides one of which are the arcturians, and the arcturian healing teams they are master healers and my closet guides .I am also working with yeshua and the holy spirit, dr lophan from Sirius, djwhal kuhl, and archangel rapheal . I am truly amazed at their healing abilities. I also teach my clients how to call on them and do this for themselves. if I can assist you please don't hesitate to contact me here. I do charge, but its not a lot . I myself learned to heal myself from a near death experience . its pretty cool what is possible when it comes to healing and I myself and amazed at what can happen. wishing you all much love and peace and blessings always