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happy new year

In 2016 and beyond may love continue to lift you up in every moment we have a choice choose love and transcend I wish you all a very blessed happy new year with love from my heart to yours

merry christ consciousness may the source be with you


within each one of us is unlimited power to heal ourselves and the planet

within each and everyone of us is unlimited power to heal ourselves and create ourselves anew . it takes discipline and work but it is possible. I have been visited by the arcturians nightly who have been teaching me it seems so simple but we often tend to get in the way . lets just say my nights are far from boring no matter what never give up hope for a brighter day with love of ourselves first all things are possible. when we love ourselves we can love the world the time is now aho.

happy winter solstice

For the solstice and beyond say no more to that same old love or anything else that doesn't honor your soul it's time what we allow will continue

its time to reclaim our soul parts and all that we are as the winter solstice approaches

In the words of Wayne Dyer dont die with your music still inside you .in 2010 I received my native name from an Anishinabe elder, dancing daughter of the moon this name was the beginning of my spiritual journey and reclaiming of myself my soul parts which came back to me one of my gifts of clairaudience. as shaman we understand that when we go through certain traumas in our lives some of our soul parts run away. as the Solstice the winter solstice fast approaches it is time for us all to reclaim all of our soul parts and step into the light without fear remembering and reclaiming all that we are. don't die with your music still inside you the time is now a ho

happy new moon the last one of 2015 dont forget while there is life there is hope xxx


happy new moon

as we reach our last new moon of dec 2015 we have an opportunity to remember that where there is life there is hope. and we begin to understand that the only disability we have is how we see ourselves and one another. the spiritual path isnt about who is the best psychic medium or who goes off to peru the most or who sees the most spirits or who is the best shaman . its about clearing away from ourselves everything that disconnects us from the divine which is who we are . ... its about looking so deep within that you see into your own shadowy parts and you learn to embrace them and honor them . when we do this we learn to love ourselves fully and deeply and what this does is it helps us to love others and have compassion for those we dont understand. we begin to notice how connected we all are and we begin to make a difference . meaning we care and show love not only to ourselves but to everyone we meet whenever we can . by doing this we send out ripples of healing love to ever…

on this new moon and beyond remember where there is life there is hope


be your own hero

its december be your own hero and transcend. each day we have an opportunity to be our own hero todays another chance. if i can assist you on your journey with a psychic reading , spiritual counselling or mentoring to help assist you and navigate in the world with much more ease and grace dont hesitate to contact me at

start today hurrah happy dec xoxoxo