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love is the most powerful force on the planet

during these intense days on the planet the best advice i can give is what my guides suggest to me pray harder. prayer is a way of working with the unseen world and it is indeed very powerful.much goes on in the unseen world that we cannot see, but some of us are able to . this is a time to come together with others and pray for the higest good of all that means all. sending love and peace to all whom you meet. the only way we are able to do that is when we have love and ...peace in our own hearts which is indeed a daily practice and takes work. if i can assist you on your journey please contact me on my page or email me at whatever you do today make sure to love yourself for when we truly love ourselves we would never wish harm on anyone else the time is now aho . no matter what you are sent never send back hate practice sending back love in all ways xox for love is the most powerful force on the planet