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happy full moon


you are a gift

Today's gift from the universe you are enough you don't need to do anything you don't need to go anywhere you are perfectly divine just as you are right now you don't need to have anything you are a gift just as you are

happy fall equinox

spiritual counsel psychic readings and mentoring


happy new moon

its the new moon what are you blowing into yourself . release all that no longer serves you and honor the yearning and whispering of your soul its time <3

every moment is a gift

new moon ceremony putting spirit first

new moon ceremony with mama cocha my mesa and me . what else does a woman need putting spirit

first has made my life such a gift and a blessing taking time to see the world with new eyes the eyes of love is such a gift. we always have a choice today and all your days may you choose love what will you blow into yourself . the time is now to love yourself enough to say no more to all that no longer serves you and hear the call of your soul its time . they were filming at the beach wherever I go the film business keeps pullng me back in lol what a day full of gifts

spiritual counseling , mentoring , and psychic readings

the new moon is fast approaching and another oppty to call to you all that your soul is longing for. I am still available for spiritual counseling , mentoring,... and psychic readings. right now each one of us is being asked to look within to our own souls and hear the voice of our hearts. each one of us is being transformed and changed by the incoming flux of energies whether we are conscious of it or not . I was fortunate enough to receive the rites of the munay ki which opened my vision and psychic ability so I can see and hear spirit. I love giving my clients the gift of self empowerment which was given to me to help me navigate through the world with much more ease and grace . I have met many wonderful healers on my journey but I found that I didn't hear from most of them again unless I was paying for a session. the gift in that was it forced me to become my own shaman within and access my own healing powers. as much as I would benefit financially from having my cli…

i am a treesister

in honor of the TreeSisters: women seeding change join the tribe. im sitting in my fav tree around the corner from my apt . tree selfie I love trees so much especially pine trees and willow trees. trees fill me with energy and love lets join together and join the tribe. if you put your hands on a tree it will give you its wisdom lets honor our trees today as we honor ourselves.