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love yourself first


happy new moon

last night I was feeling the energy of the new moon in cancer . feeling wild wanting to bust free. most of us find ourselves in routines and limiting patterns doing the same old thing the same old way .this new moon in my sun sign in cancer is an opportunity to bust free . what is limiting you from being your authentic divine self . its time to push yourselves farther allow your spirit and soul to soar. release all those that no longer serve you and step into your divine ...authentic blueprint of who you are and why you came to be here. ask yourself this question what would I do if I weren't afraid? . its time to do it call someone you've been wanting to call and let them know you love them . stop limiting yourself go in a new direction . switch it up get out of your old routine get rid of clutter don't allow yourself to be bound anymore to people places or things that don't honor who you are. its time to hear the call of your and soul and heart begin today . …

its a new moon what will you choose .

may you choose love peace and oneness . soul

sistars xo

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happy fourth

happy fourth friends wishing you so much love peace joy and blessings always its so hot here my lips are sweating. remember you are divine you are loved, and in every moment you have a choice how you live .may you allow your spirit to soar and be free love is never bindng love is about freedom. may you love yourself enough to walk away from anything and anyone who doesn't serve your highest good. let today be your day of freedom xoxoxo begin today much love

on the full moon and beyond

may you
find  the courage to tune into your souls wisdom and listen to your heart .  ask yourself this question what would I do if I wasn't afraid.