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when we live in the vibration of love anything is possible

summer solstice cermony

walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet . thich nhat hanh . solstice ceremony . thx dee for this photo altered on instagram follow at liveyoursoulsjourney xxoo

happy summer solstice and happy fathers day xooxox

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy summer solstice and happy fathers day. for most of my life fathers day was a huge source of pain for me now it is not .now for me it a celebration of who I am and what I have become because of the perfect father that I picked. growing up without a father led me on a search of self discovery of knowing myself better and deeper and on my journey of self love . because of who my father was I became the woman that I am today . always that we choose everything and know that everything no matter how painful it seems in the moment is really a gift. I now have the best spiritual family I could have ever hoped for and the most amazing guides who never let me down . I now put spirit first in my life and have become a spiritual diva .we have the abitlity now to become masters on fifth dimensional earth we truly can heal ourselves and regenerate faster living in the vibration of love peace unity and joy. on the solstice and beyond may you …

stay tuned


coming soon ......

coming soon hope you will tune in with myself and Michael Baker . will be sharing all sorts of interesting teachers and guests to help share the consciousness to help assist humanity with learning to walk in the world with more love, peace, joy, and unity details to follow ...........