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how do we change the world one random act of kindness at a time

how do we change the world. one random act of kindness at a time . remember the world is abundant there is more than enough for everyone so share the love today . its time to come together empowering everyone to be the best they can be .

how do we keep the faith ?

im having way too much fun with my new camera give an actor a camera and see what happens you can take the girl out of acting, but never acting out of the girl. yesterday I talked about keeping the faith. but how do we keep the faith . faith is something that cannot be seen or touched it is a belief in something you cannot see all I can share is my own strength and experience and hope when all was lost my mentor told me to pray and ask for help, and that is what I did. The things that kept me going were other people stories' like Neale Donald walsh and his film conversations with god. I learned that everything that happens to us is something we chose to experience to help us to become who we are. everyday I prayed and I was sent a great deal of help. each one of us has this power . you can pray to whoever you find comfort in pray ask for help . I am fortunate enough to have the gift of seeing and hearing spirit , but even if you cannot see or hear you can still pray an…

keep the faith on your spiritual journey


a fire ceremony you can do to shift the energy with love