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this most resonates with my heart at the moment


allow yourself the courage to challenge yourself out of the comfort zone

having a new computer has been teaching me a lot that all new relationships need patience and time to develop. I think sometimes we get stuck in the same old r...outine and the same old relationship because they seem safe and comfortable even though they may not be for our highest good. so we have to be willing to shift it up a bit and get out of our comfort zones. sometimes the greatest relationships come from being able to take the greatest risks these are the ones we seem to run from cause they kick up our stuff so we may stay where we are cause its familiar and safe or so it seems . today challenge yourself to take the risk out of the comfort zone . as olaf reminds me the character from frozen an act of true love can melt a frozen heart . when we are truly willing to melt our hearts all and anything is possible. photo shoot day 2 mucho love and peace xoxoxo

happy full moon

ive been working with the goddess isis for two full moons now hope everyone enjoyed the moon last night. on the full moon I enjoy doing ceremony and inviting my guides to teach me there medicine . ive been working more with herbs and plants as teachers they have such powerful spirits as well. the moon was so huge here in Miami. amazing time with friends and meeting amazing artists . being an ...artist myself I realize is such a huge part of who I am and will always be a part of me , and what I have learned as an artist and being on a spiritual path is its a journey a practice its not always easy and its not always comfortable . the key I have discovered is being able to sit with oneself in those uncomfortable moments and to realize although it may not seem so spirit is always giving us what we need to learn more and grow to fully uncover our power and our gifts. as a culture I feel we are so programmed to the quick fix wanting it now getting it now taking the antibiotic when …