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be present


face your own shadow and transcend xoxo

just sing sing a song xxo

two questions to ask yourself xoxo

find the joy in your life the time is now


call upon shekinah the divine feminine aspect of the creator

see the beauty all around you xoxo

everyday in every way life is a gift if you open your eyes you will see the world of beauty all around u thank u for this precious gift I was given by eligah boykin jr I love It much love everyone xoxo

call upon the blessed divine mother mother earth to help support you you are never alone xoxo

allow yourself time to play the time is now xoxoox

do you allow yourself time and give yourself permission to indulge in your fantasies or does it have to be a special occasion. allow yourself time to play the time is now have an amazing day goddess you are xoxox

cultivate a relationship with archangel christine beloved constance archangel of the second ray

when you are feeling faint of heart and discouraged call upon the beloved constance archangel chrisitine archangel of the second ray to fill you with your divine wisdom and truth of who you really are

stay true stay you xoxoox and let your spirit soar


happy fall equinox with love xoxoox

its the fall equinox baby time to get fierce star brothers star sisters live your souls journey the time is now aho. so much love peace and oneness to all xoxoxo

cultivate a relationship with the lady amethyst archangel of the seventh ray

pant seeds of peace oneness and love for the fall equinox

as the fall equinox is fast approaching will you join with me in planting seeds of peace love and oneness the time is now aho xoxo no matter what you have plant...ed before or what anyone else around you is planting lets spread the peace love and oneness the time is now live your souls journey xoxo

cultivate a relationship with lady mary archangel of the fifth ray to connect with your divine gifts

to cultivate more compassion peace and harmony and balance call upon the goddess lady master kwan yin


to become more of a witness and less of a judge call upon lady charity archangel of the third ray


call on the goddess of liberty to help free you of anything limiting you the time is now


when your in need of hope call on lady hope archangel of the fourth ray


when you wish to experience gods grace call on lady aurora archangel of the sixth ray


when you need a little faith


love= freedom

in honor of 911and the sacred souls that passed honor life as the gift it is

you are the creator of your destiny

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu


honor and embrace all your relationships and transcend

I thought you all would enjoy this pix of my mom and I here I was teaching her how to pose fierce as tyra banks says. and she ended up doing a great job even at 69 still fierce . I have learned to honor and embrace my mom and all that she ...has been. I have also learned that we pick the perfect parents before we come here no matter what the relationship has been it was something I chose to learn from. honor and embrace your relationships and transcend. I also recently found out my mom was able to see spirits at an early age during a time when she didn't know what she was seeing. have a beautiful day xoxoxo

peace comes from with in you

cultvate peace with in you by facing your own shadow and share the peace with everyone you meet the time is now xoxoox

are you willing to release some roles and allow yourself to live your souls journey the time is now

you can live your souls journey the time is now


if you have some time today watch this interview with Irene that will help you to see how you can get through anything with a little hope a little faith and gods grace, and when you do you can shift your experience around and share your hope, love, and faith with others the time is now


how can we take the things that happen to us that we consider bad and turn them around so that they can become our allies or our personal power. the shaman doesn't think in terms of bad or good he sees everything as a gift and a tool to help him or her navigate through the world. today how can you tune into your personal power no matter what you feel is keeping you stuck and shift your perception of what happened and turn it around the time is now xoxo

be the director of your own movie everyday

it is I helga the mysterious one off for a swim . do you still allow yourself time to play . remember you are the director star producer and lead actor of your own movie. every day you decide enjoy and have a great night xoxox

shift your beliefs and you can fly xoxox