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the choice is yours

I once heard alberto villoldo say that our soul knows what it needs to heal. sometimes painful sometimes hard but always true I agree wth alberto v. who said that everyone we meet we meet and experience because our soul knows what it need...s to heal even if we are not fully conscious of it at the time. what we do with that meeting is up to us. we cant make anyone choose to heal or do their work only we can do that for ourselves. as much as we see the light in someone else what they do with their journey is up to them. today what will you choose to do the choice is yours. if I can assist you on your journey with a psychic reading or some spiritual counseling msg me here for prices whatever you do today may you hear the call of your soul the time is now xoxo

this is the most important thing i have learned


in the words of madonna if you dont like my ass dont look at it and in my words dont harm it

believe it or not one of my jobs in my twenty yr career in the film biz was sleeping in my car all night watching parking cones and making sure no one parked on the street to save the parking for the next day where the shoot would be I wa...s willing to do anything. for my love of film. no matter what has happened to you or what your story is don't allow anyone to take your spark away or keep you from your dream especially yourself the time is now aho xoxo and in the words of one of my heroes madonna if you dont like my ass then don't look at it and def don't harm it gnite xoxoxo

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may you live from your heart live your souls journey the time is now xoxoxo

release fear and reawaken to love

everything we do and say that is not an act of love is an act of fear. before you harm someone else do a harmful act to yourself or others look at your fear release your fear and allow yourself to connect with your heart. step by step moment by moment listen to your heart your soul your spirit♥

psychic readings and spiritual counselling

getting in a ny state of mind friends i am going to the big apple and wont be on facebook as much leaving my laptop home i will have access to a computer however and will be checking messages and will try to share hope everyone is doing we...ll. i am going to miss you all so much. if i can assist you with a psychic reading or some spiritual counselling pls message me for prices. whatever you do please hear the call of your spirit and soul the time is now xoxoxo

unconditional love

As the Divine Feminine energy awakens in human consciousness, it expands compassion within our hearts. This is when emotional healing can occur for all of Humanity. Compassion awakens the ability to feel and express unconditional love. To b...e able to love without attachments or expectations is the highest form of love expressed. This kind of love supports the healing of others and our personal evolution. message from the galactic heart

forgiveness is key

One of the keys to accessing Divine Feminine healing energy is through forgiveness. Only when all is forgiven will total love be available to us. We must forgive others and ourselves for all of the perceived wrongs that have ever been done.... Forgiveness is the key to releasing ourselves from our past. When we are liberated from our past and live fully in the “now” our creativity blossoms. The world needs creative solutions. message from the galactic heart

allow your soul and spirit to soar the time is now xooxox

here was my momma day video for my mom im starting a new fad called chair dancing. something i have been enoying and embracing and relearning is allowing my soul and spirit to soar moment by moment step by step and i m so grateful. someti...mes in our busy lives we forget and need a reminder today and all your days soar and shine bright. drop all your programmed beliefs about what you think you sholud do and allow your soul to soar xoxo i love this song enjoy and gnite xoxoxo

bless everyone bless yourself

i really believe each one of us is a divine child of god and deserves a sacred safe space to call our own even if we dont believe we do today.  spread compassion to all who you meet bless everyone bless yourself xoxoxo

self love is the key

for me the greatest gift i have discovered is self love a love of oneself not relying on anythng outside of oneself but a true love of self becoming your own best friend meaning your own happiness does not rely on anything outside of you and is found within you.grateful mi contento . i can say i have reached this place and it feels really good. to honor oneself no matter what.

will you allow yourself to walk to the beat of your own drum

i met a woman here who said she admired me for walking to the beat of my own drum i myself as a women have always been attracted to peoples energy but as a woman in the film biz for twenty yrs a huge part of my shadow has been having to lo...ok a certain way. the medicine i was given with the rites of the munay ki def has helped me to honor myself at a level i never did and i am so grateful. and for the most part to see myself in a new way the greatest gift i have been given is to know that we are so much more then we are told we are and honoring those parts of ourselves is such a huge gift. when we learn to honor ourselves and one another all the fear and jealousy slip away and harming others slips away . today honor the divine within yourself and everyone and transcend

practice of transparency

take two of my mothers day video to all of you i challenge you to practice the practice of the north the hummingbird. alow yoursef to be seen the practice of transperancy one of my fav practices. stop hiding parts of yourself that make yo...u uncomfortable be transparent completely congruent walk your talk dont explain yourself its ok if they dont get you or who you are dont be a target no need to be right become conscious of your beliefs choose being useful and valuable xoxoxoxo enjoy

spiritual counselling and psychic readings

ever since i can remember nothing has given me more joy then to light people up and to give them tools to help assist them in living their souls destiny. i realize now that it is my divine mission to help empower people to know that they live thier souls calling. i so enjoy doing my readings and channeling information from the arch angels and the ascended masters and star beings to help guide you on your path and encourage you to really live your dream. if i can assist you on your journey pls message me here whatever you do know that nowis the time to fly like the butterflies we all are and i mean all of us xoxoox

mucho munay with don pascual flores


choose love

yesteday my mom told me that my brother who had asked my psychic guidance on a stock he bought was shocked and amazed that exactly what i said happened and if he had listned to my guidance he would have made 30,000 sadly he went into fear a...nd sold the stock . most of us act from fear with fear at the level of fear. today please try to live at the level of love and see what happens make your decisions at the level of spirit at the place of love which you are and see where that leads xoxoxo

you are love

today i had the rare and unique oppty to spend some healing time with don pascual flores and had to drive him five blocks away i have never been so happy this is a very big smile on my face to drive anyone in my car before i could not sto...p beaming when i am with don pascual flores i feel what i am at the core which is love everything else falls away. we are love all of us i know we forget but what i have learned from the qero the last of the inka especially in their presence and from the medicine which i now carry is love is what we are at the core that is all and even when we dont understand one another when we speak the language of love it is understood by our souls. i feel so blessed in their presence and watch don pascual who is full of gratitude for everything and i feel so grateful . gracias gracias don pascual flores and to @Carey stokes and elsa stokes for this amazing oppty and for all you do today and everyday may you remember who you are and be grateful and sharet…