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love is who we are ayni karpay with don pascual flores

at the level of the eagle and condor the level of spirit there are no words pure love today and all your days remember who you really are which is love and we are one

 mucho munay xoxoxo photos by elizabeth mack

full moon with judy satori

only love

here is me with don pascual flores from last nights ceremony i cannot tell you the joy that you feel being around this high shaman from the qero nation you feel only love which is what you are so much laughter and joy he has the best laugh ...i absolutely love him i was blessed enough to receive two karapys from him so powerful such a blessing i cannot wait to go to peru today and all your days remember who you are which is love and share that with everyone you meet. munay which means love from my heart to yours xoxoxo thank you Medicine Wind Warrior for making this event possible and thank you so much to carmen from @the goddess store in hollywood for the pix and hosting ♥

good advice from mc yogi give love

the language of the soul is love

yesterday all day i had the rare and divine honor to be in the presence of shaman and medicine man don pascual from the quero nation the last of the inka over 150 people came to receive anyi karpays a rare and beautiful blessing . the mome...nt don pasquale spoke i began to weep i did not understand the quero language but my soul understood what he was saying. the soul has only one language that language is love. today and all your days may you be blessed with remembering who you are which is love and share that love with yourself and all who you meet. ♥ the time is now xoxoox thank you so much to carey and elsa stokes for making this possible your service to the world is so beautiful what an honor xoxoox

sound technologies to assist you in your healing

technologies to heal yourself from the arcturians

the rites of the munay ki

have to say i highly suggest these rites for their ability to heal your body on all levels  break patterns shift your dna and connect you with your sacred purpose and a lineage of wisdom keepers starkeepers archangels and angels.

psychic readings and spiritual couselling

alright folks i dont know about you but i am having way too much fun with my big new butterfly its time to transform. if i can assist you on you journey with a psychic reading or spiritual counselling pls message me here for prices. whatever you do please honor yourself and everyone you meet as the beautiful sacred being you are mucho love xoxoxo

let us learn by his example

in honor of martin richard and his short life here on the planet may we learn from him to honor each and every living thing ♥ with love and kindness thank you ♥

mitakuye oyasin


find the love within

"Love alone can unite living beings so as to complete and fulfill them... for it alone joins them by what is deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability to love developing until it embraces the totality of men and the earth." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

with love all things are possible

Open I to understand
how Love can do these things:
Transforming darkness into eyes,
Transforming arms to feathered wings.
For in our lifetimes we may see
such miracles as these:
... The soldier's ice heart blaze with fire,
A world at war restored to Peace.

As caterpillar calligraphies
Have metaphored in their cocoons
Into winged choreographies
Of awareness,
So from the chrysalis of dreams
emerges the truly human being
with the butterfly of compassion
balanced on one finger.

may we love one another more each day

How much of all the love that can be
will I let myself feel?
How much of all the beauty will I let my eyes see?
How much of all that is given will I choose to receive?
Oh let it flow through me, let it blow through me,
see the words that fire on the page -
every gesture burning, every moment turning
in the hands of love -
what was it that I wanted so much to say?
~ Firebird ~

at the level of spirit at the level of eagle we truly understand that we are all connected to everything and everyone. today may you raise your hearts and see yourself and all living things as connected and continue to love one another continue to soar . and find compassion in your hearts for the parts of you and others that do not understand . namaste ♥

the choice is yours

you can decide today how you wish to walk in the world how you did yesterday need not be considered.  the choice is always yours.  may you  honor the divine feminine in yourself and in every being on the planet and beyond.  sending you love from my heart to yours xoxoox.


during this time it is important for you to remember who you are it is your divine blueprint to remember you are love you are beautiful just as you are. you are powerful, and you can live your souls calling . i am here to help you remember xoxoox

psychic attacks

message on psychic attack from the arch michael via judy satori . it is vital and important to clear this lower vibrational energy and also to forgive yourself and the projected energy. a psychic attack is projected energy from another pe...rson. it is a very low vibrational energy and the more you love it the more you release it.this type of energy can actually become a part of you but know this it can always be cleared away so you can see yourself and know yourself as the being of love that you are. we must find compassion in our hearts for these lower vibrational beings who project harm in anyway towards others. during this time it is important to clear away these old beliefs and distorted energies which are not you and clear them and release them ♥ with love from me xoxoox

walking with gratitude with debra: testimonial

walking with gratitude with debra: testimonial: had to share this incredible testimonial from one of my clients who actually gave me a very short spin on the back of a motorcycle whi...

bless everything that happens

lesson 6. this lesson is connected to what the masters call the blessing system. whatever happens in life no matter how negative bless it. the holy spirit will tell you to bless it the negative ego will tell you to curse it. sai baba says... that whatever happens in life the idea is to welcome adversity. with anything that happens in life you can either be angry depressed or move into acceptance. from the souls perspective on how to achieve radiant health. by dr joshua david stone ♥ i am university


had to share this incredible testimonial from one of my clients who actually gave me a very short spin on the back of a motorcycle which i havent been on in many yrs one of the perks. i am so grateful to be able to do this. Debra Robinson... did a spiritual reading for me that i can say without being too dramatic actually changed the course of my life. she was channelling whatever angels and guides and spirits and all the rest of the beings of heaven because what she received touched me to the core of my being. her reading created the space for me to get in touch with who i am at the deepest level of my being which in turn has altered the course of my life plan. i am deeply grateful for her deep wisdom clarity and ability to communicate sophisticated spritual ideas in a very easy to grasp manner. I highly recommend a reading with Debra for anyone questioning any aspect of their journey. Sincerely G W S from New York.