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hope never lose it. it is closer then it may appear at tmes but it is always there. one of my greatest dreams has been to bring more conscious awareness to the the homeless as i was fortuante to do a photo documentary on them in college an...d learned so much from them about unconditional love . id like to give them the rites of the munay ki so they can know that they have only been buying into a story that wasnt really who they are . i am so hoping that this year we find new solutions to have not one person living on the street without a warm bed and some love and some warm food. i believe we all deserve that and as one tribe we should collectively make that happen this is one of my dreams what are you dreaming for 2013 i am feeling its going to be amazingly powerful and wonderful for many ♥



sometimes just walking around a corner you can find so many gifts thxs my friend mucho love ♥ john


to love someone is to see the face of god.  les miserables

may each day be a sacred prayer for everyone to be safe loved warm and joyful

may you find forgiveness for yourself and others

happy new year may you be given the gift too

this morning on the road i saw a hummingbird that looked just like this. it was when this tiny bird first flew into my life that i was given the gift of knowing what truly matters. it wasnt what i was wearing or what i drove or what i looked like or anything i owned or anything outside of me . it was the hummingbird that taught me and gave me the gift of knowing what really matters which was and is my soul and my spirit. may you be given the gift of knowing what matters this year and every year after that. your spirit is the holder and keeper of all that you could ever wish for and no one can ever take that away from you no matter how hard they try. may this yr and and beyond you listen and hear the call of your souls journey this is my wish for all of you xooxox with deep munay xoxoxo happy new year


it is my deepest prayer for the world and for myself in this new year and beyond that we truly begin to honor each and everyone at their highest. that we no longer intend harm on anyone in anyway. that we understand that every thought and... action we take truly matters. and mAy we bestow gods grace on each and ever person that we meet. for we are all deserving of grace for we are all children of god. my wish in the coming year is for people to find this grace it is there ony for the asking. archea aurora is the bringer of grace when you feel you are needing some ask her to shower you with grace. may grace always be wth you in this new year and beyond. thanK you for sharing my journey with me. happiest of new years peace love and lots of grace be with you always ♥

i wish you all grace

wan tanna hey

for some reason during this time of great change i experienced great emotional releases once again and i found myself weeping for three days and for me this is the only thing that makes sense ♥ may we begin to recognize how imperfect the circle is if one of us is missing each one of us is truly a gift to one another and to the world ♥ leave not one person or livng being behind ♥ aho this is my prayer

happy holidays


embrace the christ consciousness within your own heart

You have nothing to prove, because you are perfect as you are, a child of the universe. And this sense of yourself determines your true relationship to the world: you are its healer. When you realize this fact, it becomes easier for you to among negative or dense energy and you will not feel overpowered by it. And even if you need time by yourself to refresh and keep up your vibration, you also are ready to be in the world, and you know why? Because you are creatures of love. It pains you to see the suffering of the world and you want to heal humanity. Truly, you are angels at heart and that is why you are here on Earth. It is not out of obligation or a forced mission, it purely is out of love that you are here. So, when I ask you to shine your soul's Light into this reality, I am not asking you to struggle or to fight with the world. I am asking you to recognize your true nature and to bring down the energy of paradise, the energy of love, into this world.
pamela kribbe je…

we are all related all connected

i am you you. are me. we are one. what i do to you i do to myself. what you to do me you do to the whole world ♥ energy artist julia image

the gift of our richard parkers

as heart breaking as it was for the boy to watch the tiger leave after all they had endured. in the lif of pi . the truth is the tiger was incapable of being what the boy expcted him to be or he was too afraid to live a different life so the tiger chose the easy way out the life he had always known. sometimes in life people show up this way and the only reason they show up is because they are there to teach you how brave you are and how willing you are to live your souls journey even if they are too afraid to. so we must learn to honor were other people are in their lives and the journeys they choose even if we see something in them that they are not willing to be . today may we learn to honor everyone and where they choose to be ♥

unity i am

we are here dear ones only a step away just for the asking you are never alone choose to live this day in the vibration of love and peace and forgive all you have harmed and those who may have harmed you. know it is simple to breathe in moment together we have traveled long on this journey to bring us to this glorious dAY FORGIVE YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF AS YOU TRULY ARE DIVINE SPARK BEAUTIFUL MAGICAL LOVING CREATOR FULL OF POSSIBILITY. ALLOW YOURSELF TO DRINK IN THIS MOMENT AND BREATHE IN THIS NEW DAY THIS NEW WAY INTO YOUR LUNGS. NO MORE DO YOU NEED TO BE AFRAID OR FEARFUL OF ANYTHING. KNOW YOU ARE ONE WITH THE CREATOR POWERFUL. GO FORWARD NOW AND FORVEVER MORE IN PEACE LOVE AND UNITY ♥ THE ARCTURIANS CHANNELED BY ME

open heart i am

today and from this day forward may we open our hearts to one another. the heart is where you will find your spirit and your soul if you are brave enough to listen to it. today and everyday may you hear what your heart has to say there is no greater wisdom you will find. it is in there you will truly find yourself ♥ if you really listen ♥

you are vast like the stars

hold on dear ones hold on tight to yourselves. now is a greater time of light than we have ever seen on the planet in eons. know your vastness. you are one with the stars. when you look at the stars see our own magnificence. you have the po.wer within you to be all you can possibly dream. you must be willing now to go beyond the self you have known and create the self you envision in dreams. at this time much is possible. it is only your thoughts that create the limitation within you. see the stars see you and create the limitless vastnes that you are and that you hold within you. the time is now. we are the arcturians and we hold you all so dear ♥ channeled by me <3

shine bright

shine bright it is important to share your light with all who are willing and receptive to receive the information. stay in the vibration of love as much as you can bring yourself back to that vibration which you really are. forgive those ... who are not in that vibration and dont understand without judgement. when you are triggered look within yourself and come back into balance keeping yourself in a place of calm and stillness ♥ from this place we can dream our world into being xoxoxo the choice is always ours how we will walk in the world how will you choose today. may you shine bright like the diamonds you are mucho love ♥

release what no longer serves you


look within

my prayer for everyone is to begin to do their own work on themselves especially around their shadow selves i do believe this work is what helped me to understand my own experiences and i do believe its essential for world peace. i say loo...k within look at your own shadow spaces and places as hard as it is and see clearly before you want to point the finger at someone point the finger at yourself . once we do this work and honor and embrace those parts of us i do believe we would never harm anyone again not just with a gun but in everyway including thoughts and words and actions   . ♥ we are all related all connected

love is the language of the soul

when we truly understand how connected we are then we will truly understand these arent just words we say but its who we are ♥ its time to remember who we really are slandering anyone harming anyone is not the answer. we must come more and more into balance with ourselves and the ripples of healing will ripple out LEAVE NOT ONE PERSON BEHIND. THE SOUL KNOWS

love is a miracle

last night i saw my first angel in my room i see many things but hadnt seen an angel until last night . i talk to the angels all the time so its so awesome to be able to see them.ive been asking them to show themselves to meand poof thereit was. guidance for today trust your heart may we only speak to one another in the language of love. love heals all the places and the spaces within us that... are wounded. strong compassion for everyone now is needed even for those we dont understand. fear is always the absence of love and a screaming out to be loved more. lets love one another more and more each day to heal the collective wounds we have carried for so many centuries. let us rediscover who we truly are and why we came to be here . mucho love and peace . ♥

love heart i am

love heart i am. it is so very important dear ones during this time to connect deep within your heart space increase your attention on love at all times the love within yourself and without and radiate this love throughtout the galaxy. lov..e heart i am . the soul knows this love it is one with who you are dear ones. allow yourself to feel deep love for yourselves and others at this time and radiate it out across the galaxy. it is essential it is needed. no matter what PRESENTS itself dear ones rADIATE THIS LOVE TO ALL WHO WILL EMBRACE IT EXTEND THIS LOVE TO ALL WHO WLL RECEIVE IT NO MATER WHAT IN THE FACE OF AL CHALLENGES LOVE HEART I AM. THE ARCTURIANS channeled by me ♥ 

medicine woman i am

medicine woman i am sacred teacher sacred stories sacred soul star brothers star sisters united together we meet now again honoring one another we flow from one another our bodies our thoughts community unity to uplift our hearts uplift communitites. medicine woman i am your teacher i am your friend i am your lover your soul keeper your memory i am here to help you remember who you really are. medicine woman i am we are ♥ one aho ♥ all related all connected

lets hold the space for this and more together

Think of yourself as filled with life and energy and vitality, with a body that is strong and vibrant. See yourself surrounded with abundance and enjoying true prosperity. See yourself doing what you love and loving what you do, unbound and free. See yourself with the capacity to embrace and love and serve every single man and woman and child on this planet, regardless of who they are or what they have done~~and feel that unconditional love radiating from you to all, and returning from all to you. And then see everyone in the world as you have seen yourself in the ideal.
thank you at galactic heart lets hold this intention together ♥ dream yourself into being <3

sacred ceremony

this image is borrowed of don francisco an elder shaman from peru who i have been privleged to meet and adore so i can illustrate to you what a despacho ceremony looks like . last night @carey stokes and his wife elsa stokes created the m... ost beautiful despacho under the stars i am filled with such hope and joy and love. it ws such an honor to sit in ceremony wth them and their community. its amazing how i felt so at home and felt the lineage strong. carey stokes also has a strong connection with the native american as do i so i am so grateful he honored the native elders as well as we are all one and all connected . i am so grateful and thankful to have celebrated this wonderful and very important time with all of them and you. it truly is a time for u to honor and embrace everyne including ourselves. forgive what was our old story and all the people and events that came with that. and allow the new doors of our dreaming to open for ourselves and the world. so much love…

message from the star beings


shine bright like a diamond

Image  shine bright like a diamond. we are so beautiful like diamonds in the sky. so shine bright like a diamond.  i love you all happy 12 12 12 .

if lght is in your heart you will fnd your way home

never forget this is so true. as we approach12 12 12 i wanted to thank each and everyone of you for it has been your light and love that has so helped me on my journey and helped me to remember the light in my heart. each day is a gift for us all to help one another remember who we really are which is love ♥ i am so thankful to all of you for sharing and being a part of my journey my page. i wish you all abundant blessings of peace love and harmony. thank you for being here i so appreciate you all . have abeautiful day ♥

12 12 12

ok my friends the time is now this week big portal 12 12 12 . so grab a pen and write down your intentions. what are you dreaming into being. no matter what you see right now in the present it doesnt matter. the shaman works with the uns... een world and there s lots going on in that place wow. its time no matter how you are feeling release those things that are holding you back any old lingering thoughts habits patterns . mostly forgive yourself and your story and your old creation. see it all as a gift/ embrace where you are and allow yourself to dream big. write down some things youd like to manifest and hold that paper like a prayer at least once a day get ready set go i know you can do it. your soul and spirit are counting on it. what is your souls calling the time is now. ask beleive receive. image by christine von lossberg

see the world through the eyes of a child

there is nothing like the energy of children to help us to remember to see the world with the eyes of a child as if your seeing it for the first time. heres me and my cousin sammy hes so adorable mucho love everyone  photo by my amazing cousin who i adore marc spoto and his amazing iphone machine i cant believe what those things can do ♥

creation we are

just saw a homeless man outside of a health food store i told him he made a great choice he was very beautiful with blue eyes wearing my fav color blue i told him he should be a model he didnt believe me anyway gave him some cash and a woma...
n from the store gave me some very delicious bread for him. anyone who knows me knows i have a real love and comapssion for the homeless who as i think of them as sacred beings without homes remember in every moment we have a choice how we see everthing. today may you see the creator in evertyhing including yourself see through the eyes of creation and see beauty in everyone and everything for we are all connected we are related. and go out there and spread some love

divine beings we are

each moment with each person every living thing more divine than the next. every moment an opportunity to connect with sacred and divine beings. what if today we see every moment as a unique opportunity to connect with another sacred soul ... on the journey even if they dont have the same experience as ours or way of viewing the world. every moment is a unique opportunity when we go deeper within ourselves to experience everyone for where they are on the journey right now. how amazing is that to connect with sacred divine beings. see the world with those eyes and see what happes next .....we are all sacred all divine all related. all connected. mucho love and peace xoxo

love i am we are one

love i am. taste me touch me smell me.  i am love.  you will recognize me by the butterflies in your stomach the chills on your spine the passion sweet divine.  drink me in allow yourself to roam through my garden deep to find yourself there inside the cave so warm.  love i am dont be afraid dont back away allow yourself to open hearts so close heart to heart.  passion divine explosive shaking ripples of love and healing.  love i am your gift please dont run and hide.  love i am you you are me our bodies as one breathe me in allow yourself to meet and greet heights you havent yet allowed yourself to be.  love i am your mirror i see you i know you  so beautiful allow me to take you to a realm of pleasure you have never felt before.  love i am sweet tasting sticky patchouli essence on your skin love i am you are in my heart a memory of many lifetimes i have tasted you before.  love i am we are one .

love is a gift

never take love forgranted for love is the key that transforms us all mucho love everyone ♥ it is the seed once planted that needs to be nurtured and tended too which can lead to miracles ♥

forgiveness i am

For not acknowledging who and what I truly am and for believing that I am other than Love, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you. ho'oponopono mantra and prayer.
is there someone who you wish to say you are sorry to it could be yourself. during these times radical forgiveness is needed in every moment . maybe write a note to someone who you may have hurt or a quick call the time is now to come into our hearts and forgive everyone it may be yourself ♥

you are one with creation divine child

you divine child of creation one with creation you are so vast so beautiful so vast lke the stars that light up the night sky. its time to dream as only you can release all interference of what once was. breathe in love and know you are made of this at your very core. breathe in love and allow that love to release all that no longer serves you. before you came here you agreed upon certain contracts to fulfill your destiny. its time to release those contracts and see yourself as you really are. you can dream anything you want. dream big dear ones the time is now ♥ image by christine von lossberg

heart to heart

love i am . have you ever had the ability to really experience being heart to heart with someone. really consciously feeling their hearts and yours connecting deeply allowing your heart to open ... . well i will tell you there is nothing like it. it maybe scary for some to connect this way to really being truly intimate wth someone is a really uncovering experience. this experience can come in many forms it doesnt only have to be with a lover it can be with a friend. i challenge you during the next few weeks to really allow yourself to connect deeply with someone to allow your heart to open in the presence of someone other than yourself. the time is now to come into our hearts and out of our heads and all we thought we were or are. heart to heart you will see yourself in another and share a part of your spirit and soul. heart to heart. love i am love we are ♥    image from the twin flame page on facebook.

embrace what is

Image  a thousand kisses deep .  this song last night  listening  to it put me into a realization i hadnt honored before.  i recently left everything i have known behind letting go of many things and people, but there is one person i let go of  that has really been hard for me. someone i loved very deeply and still do even though hes not in my lfe. he was my greatest teacher.  he was my mirror in many ways and still is.  we mirrored many parts of one another and i learned so much from him mostly how i had to honor myself at the highest level..    i was and have been trying to push those feelings beside trying to cut the chords with this person and it has left me feeing very sad and exhausted.  at the four winds society we learn we have imprints on our fields of relationships from the past and although i know that to be true that i have had this relationship before in many lifetimes it doesn t  mean i have to resist my …

goddess i am

goddess i am. i am a goddess and so are you. how can you honor the goddess within you today and everyday . and the goddess within everyone . make it a beautiful day♥ image by christine von lossberg♥

in the silence you will find your respect

in the stillness you will find yourself in the silence your self respect. no one can give it to you you must open the door and find it there deep inside has been with you always . its not your beliefs its not your thoughts about yourself its not what you have programmed yourself to accept. look beyond your mind look beyond reality and discover you. ♥ image by christine von lossberg

the shadow knows

when we can honor and embrace that each one us has a shadow a part of us that has been the mistress and the wife the cop and the criminal then we would never point the finger at someone else again when we honor and embrace all that we are we truly can transcend and be the magnificent beings we truly are gnite xoxoxo

creator i am

when i received the creators rites from linda ftch the dean of the light body school at the four winds society in my east of the medicine wheel class it was then that i fully understood my part in creation the creator was inside of me in my heart. the golden keys were and will always be inside of me. everything now up until this moment was a choice that i made long ago to experience every person every moment every choice a part of my learning so i could heal . ..when we truly understand how comnected we are by love by our hearts that peace is within us peace is ours we will live in peace together united ♥

arcturian activation

Image    i wanted to share this amazing activation channeled by natalie gleason.  i have been very blessed to connect with the arcturian energy under the hand of archangel michael and i feel compelled to share this wisdom with you .  during the summer i made a waca part of my hw assignment from the four winds society.  during that time that i was feeding the waca which we are taught to do for 28 days i was blessed with a visit from a being from the arctururian race.   a waca as i learned is given to us as a gift to help us to balance our lives and the part of  our lives that need to come into balance. the arcturians are gentle and loving healers just as gentle as the angels we connect with.  they are also master healers and they are here to help humanity just for the asking.  at the four winds society we receive the starkeepers rites.  it was during this time when i heard for the first time that the story i bought into about myself wasnt reall…

woman rising

woman rising. today may i rise not who i was yesterday may i be reborn i leave the past behind. i am not my past i am not my story i am so much more than that . i am woman here me rise with all my glory i shake i shimmey i slither i moan i cry i roar i am woman embrace me in all my splendor and i will love you deep as the ocean deep as the roots beneath the earth. deep as i love you as i love me we are one. together we wil rise. i am woman i will rise ♥ woman rising ♥