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its time to smoke from the peace pipe

Like the grasses showing tender faces to each other,
thus should we do,
for this was the wish of the Grandfathers of the World.

Black Elk

in my full moon fire last night my guidance said its time to smoke fom the peace pipe. will you join me in smoking from the peace pipe. everyday we have a choice how we will walk in this world how will you choose to walk today. walk wih love joy and beauty ♥

we are all members of the same tribe

I do not think the measure of a civilization
is how tall its buildings of concrete are,
But rather how well its people have learned to relate
to their environment and fellow man.

Sun Bear of the Chippewa Tribe

lets smoke the peace pipe together one tribe united

Lakota Instructions for Living

Friend do it this way - that is,
whatever you do in life,
do the very best you can
with both your heart and mind.

And if you do it that way,
the Power Of The Universe
... will come to your assistance,
if your heart and mind are in Unity.

When one sits in the Hoop Of The People,
one must be responsible because
All of Creation is related.
And the hurt of one is the hurt of all.
And the honor of one is the honor of all.
And whatever we do effects everything in the universe.

If you do it that way - that is,
if you truly join your heart and mind
as One - whatever you ask for,
that's the Way It's Going To Be.

passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman in my full moon fire my guidance kept sayig lakota peace pipe.  these are not my words but they are imprints from my heart. shared with love respect and great gratitude to the elders who are so wise .  one tribe united we can do so much

walk to the beat of your souls journey

each day in every way walk to the beat of your souls journey. only you know the beat of your soul. may you find the willingness and the courage to go within and be willing to release the roles that take up so much of our energy and release them in this powerful full moon eclipse...honor yourself and the song of your soul. release and let go let your spirit dance let your spirit soar. happy full moon mucho love and peace

love is all there is

in every moment we have a choice.  the choice is to live in fear or to live in love.  during these very intense times my guidance tells me no matter what to choose love and to see love.  to raise myself to the level of the eagle and rise above the petty differences of our lower selves. to see with the eyes of spirit  to see with eyes of the eagle and the condor love is all there is. love is what matters most.  from my heart to yours see with the eyes of your heart <3

compassionate heart i am

compassionate heart i am. during these times of great changes and beyond it is important for us to be compassionate with ourselves and with others. a mantra channeled through natalie gleasson form the mother mary. compassionate heart i ...
am. this is something we can say to remind ourselves during intense times to be compassionte not only with ourselves but also with each and every person and experience we encounter. today send compassion to all the cells in your body and all your parts lovingly send yourself compassion so it may ripple out into the world. compassionate heart i am . mucho love brothers and sisters live each day with compassion for yourself and everyone you meet, ♥

love is what matters most

when asked somni 451 in cloud atlas if she still loved the man she loved who died she said yes. when asked what heaven was to her or if she felt it existed she said to me heaven is the door opening and him stepping inside. i knew exactly what she meant and those words went to the core of who i am. i have known this kind of love and i am so grateful to have experienced it. to me love is what ma... tters most in every moment never take this kind of love forgranted . today may you love everyone you meet including yourself and honor the love you have known for there is nothing like it. real love never dies it is only an illusion to think it goes away it exists on forever in infinity   may we learn to honor the ones we love the time is now . ♥ enjoy your day xoxoxo with love

creator rites

creator rite - Brings the cellular realization that
Spirit is not only acting through you, but as YOU,
ineffable Pure Consciousness!
in the east of the medicine weel we receive the creator rites to anchor in this understanding that each of us is a part of creation. in the medicine wheel of the native americans the sunflower is the totem plant of father sun. the sunflower is so beautiful and also has many health benefits. the sun is the place for new beginnings the east. it has been a rocky month but we must carry on. we are a part of this beautiful creaton and the more we heal there is a collective healing going on for the entire consciousness of all. we are learning to honor ourselves and one another and all creation at a very deep level. when we take time to notice the beauty of all creation and understand that each one of us plays a pivotal part in this creation then we start to see ripples of healing through time . when i see the sunflower as me i see its reflecti…

im dreamig of my travels first place sedona what are you dreaming into being

dreaming of sedona my first trip. what are you dreaming. never stop dreaming. every day start to dream your dream again. start now ............

spiritual counselling and readings

i am available for spirtual counselling and readings you can reach me at to set up an appointment or message me at my facebook page

dream big

DONT THINK YOU ARE KNOW YOU ARE.  LET IT ALL GO FEAR DOUBT FREE YOUR MIND.  DONT THINK YOU ARE KNOW YOU ARE. MORPHEUS FROM THE MATRIX ♥ are you ready and willing to take the dream big challenge with me.  i am here to dare you to dream big for the next thirty days drop the beliefs you have been progammed to believe.  the stories you have been telling yourself for so long that even you believe them.  drop your old stories your old programs for thirty days and dream big. drop your roles and allow yourself to dream a whole new you into being you can do it the time is now.  if you choose to accept this mission i promise you you will not be disappointed the choice is yours what will you choose.  i am choosing to dream big <3.

gratitude as a way of being

when we start to see everything as a gift the world literally shifts.  everything is divine everything on purpose evertyhing we experience has meaing and is for our higher learning.  live today nd everyday with grattitde.   much love and peace.  happy dont eat a turkey day lol.

source from yourself

in the north of the medicine wheel we learn to be our own shaman to source from ourselves. the greatest gift i can give today and everyday is to tell you the only thing you need to hold onto is yourself. you have everything you need within... . all the wisdom all the energy everything you are looking for is within you never outside 0f yourself. the way to find what you are looking for is from a deep place of stillness. find that place and discover you my friends have had the golden keys all along. enjoy today and everyday with love and beauty and peace ♥

the dance of spirit

Take me to the places on the earth that teach you how to dance,
The places where you can risk letting the world break your heart.
And I will take you to the places where the earth beneath my feet
And the stars overhead make my heart whol.e  again and again. the dance by  oriah moutain dreamer.
will you allow yourself time to dance again to feel your passion burst from deep inside your soul to let go of the roles and the rules you allowed yourself to believe were true for so long. its time to dance again the time is now ♥

daily prayers in sacred space

to be honest i dont know where id be without my peruvian eagle rattle it comes with me everywhere and i use it night and day to open up sacred space and to journey. here is the prayer i use simple but profound way of helping to ground sacred energy may you find the time to meditate and prayer and see life as sacred in every moment. thank you to alberto villoldo and the four winds society for this prayer
to the winds of the south great serpent come and wrap your coils of light around us teach us how to shed our past as you shed your skin teach us the beauty way ho.
to the winds of the west mother jaguar protect our medicine space teach us the way of peace show us how to live impecably show us the way beyond death ho.
to the winds of the north sweet hummingbird grandmothers grandfathers come whisper to us in the wind sit with us by the fire teach us your wisdom teach us how to live our souls journey and live the way of the mythic ho.
to the winds of the east great eagl…


Many saints and mystics have Turkey as a totem.
With a Turkey totem, you have transcended self.
You act and react on behalf of others.
This act is not a sense of moralism or guilt,
but a deep knowledge that all life is sacred.
What you do f.or others, you also do for yourself.

turkey totem. on behalf of me my blog and my page i wanted to wish everyone a blessed thanksgiving. i wanted to express my deepfelt gratitude to all of you who stop by may page on a daily basis and who take the time to read my blog it is your love and light that inspire me daily.  i am so grateful and thankful to all of you with love from my heart to yours i wish you love and blessings on your journey and deep peace ♥

what are you waiting for ........

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
~ Joseph Campbell this quote strikes a deep chord inside my soul deep inside.  in the north of the medicine wheel we learn about our souls longing our souls yearning and we journey to the fifth world to learn more about the mythic.  to get us out of our heads and into our hearts to understand how we often neglect our souls callings and yearnings for the life we think we can lead .  for the programmed beliefs of what we bought into our stories which i have discovered are often misleading.  often we made contracts which we bought into even with other people.  as a shaman we learn we can break those contracts  and make new ones and truly live the life we were destined to live.  creATE NEW CONTRACTS AND DREAM A WHOLE NEW WORLD INTO BEING. i accidentally turned the caps lock on or did spirit do that.  in the north we learn about our roles the roles we play the roles we make up to please everyone else but ourselves.  i ask you now as i…

the discovery

in 2010 after receving my native name i discovered i had had a curse put on me by some people i attracted.  not an easy thing to attract or go through.  i have gone through many emotions over this a rage i had no idea i had inside me . deep regret for not trusitng myself and my own intuition, and tremendous sadness that there were people stilll in the world who would be capable of such harm and cruelty.  it took a long time for me to figure this out because i didnt trust myself i put my trust in the arms of others who really didint have the best intentions for my life.  i went through tremendous physical pain my entire body burned and at times i thought of christ buring on the cross.  i realized in my east class i was sent punishment and judgement and thought i deserved it.  i discovered the women who put this voodo curse on me had extreme self hatred of themselves so it was perfect that i would attract them because indeed i had the same feeling about myself.  since my discovery i hav…

the practice of transperancy

are you willing to be transparent will you allow yourself to be seen. it can be scary at first and then liberating. be yourself . i have many parts here is one of mine my silly fun part which i have been allowing myself to explore dropping the glam and just having fun singing playing. how can you start today allow yourself to be seen feel the freedom in that. practice of transparency allow self... to be completely seen with nothing left to hide stop hiding parts of yourself that make you uncomforatable be transpararent completely congruent walk your talk dont explain self its ok if they dont get who you are dont be a target no need to be right become conscious of your beliefs choose being useful and valuable. heres me with my owl hes a good kisser among other things be yourself had the best walk ever in the park with my friend saw many deer and sang show tunes i love the owl hes always there. practice of the north medicine wheel .

dont forget to notice the butterflies along the way

" Friendship is a language not words but rather meanings, it is an
intelligence above language." (H.D. Thoreau) i met a stranger in the park yesterday we shared some conversation and he shared this beautiful quote with me. he told me how i lifted his spirit. to me there is nothing that makes my heart soar more then those moments of having our spirits lifted. sometimes we forget to take the time to notice the butterflies that were on the road all along being caught up in the the things we think matter. today may you take the time to notice the butterflies that are on your path. mucho love and peace ♥— .

we are the creators of our destiny practice of the east of the medicine wheel

in the east of the medicine wheel i learned that we are the creators of our destiny . no matter who tries to block you or create obstacles on your path or whether you block yourself . in every moment we create our destines. every day is a chance to start again . how will you create your destiny today its all up to you. you hold the keys. make it a great one and never give up on yourself you are more powerful then you could ever imagine stronger then you think . take the first step you can do it i believe in you as i believe n myself mucho love and peace ♥ what thoughts are you thinking what thoughts are you projecting out its all up to you xoxo

practice of beauty practice of the south of the medicine wheel

what if you decided made a choice to bring beauty to everyone you meet excluding no one. how would that feel . a practice of the south of the medicine wheel is the practice of beauty as expansiveness. touching everyone you meet with beauty. back into the garden again. imagine how magical this feels to consciously make a choice to bring beauty everywhere you go and to everyone you meet imagine how much more beautiful the world would look to you if you did. try it see what hapens see how it feels to hold the world this way . mucho love and peace ♥

practice radical forgiveness

in every moment we have a choice about what actions we will take how we will treat people what we will do and how we treat ourselves. say what you need to say in each moment dont let the moment slip away because of fear. honor those you love value the people who cross on your path as if they were you because they are. we are all connected. what you choose is up to you what choice will you make today it matters it really matters ♥ radical forgiveness and love in every moment make a difference try that and see how it feels ♥ most of the time there is more to us in every moment what choice will you make it matters it really matters ♥

practice of peace

how can you live today as the fearless warrior. in the medicine wheel of the west we learned to actively practice peace and non violence we dont respond from a place of anger or fear and we dont collude with consensual reality we have a high level of integrity and we dont consciously agree with what others are doing. we are motivated by powerful ethics and dont buy into others beliefs .   in every moment we choose how we live in the world.  how will you choose to live today its always up to you enjoy ♥ living in peace love and joy ♥— .

the practice of non judgement practice of the south of the medicine wheel

if we are all connected and everything is connected who am i to judge anyone. i am working on the practice of non judgement. a practice of the south of the medicine wheel. dont judge yourself or others. practice discenrment. break free of conceptual reality step into experience not preconceptions. transcend our limited beleifs. in the south we break free of our stories that bind us by talking about them all the time. it feels so great to break free of those stories by not talking about them as not to inform them. try working on non judgement of yourself and others and see where that leads. we are all connected  ♥

the practice of non doing practice of the west of the medicine wheel

the practice of non doing the practice of the west the luminous warrior. immerse yourself in the flow of the universe stay in the present . rather then pushing to makes things happen allow things to unfold. dont you love when those syncronicities happen and the universe just unfolds . what if you add to your thrty day challenge and practice non doing and not pushing to make things happen. put your intentions out there and see what the universe delivers. how much freedom is there in that.   pushing to make things happen takes up so much of our energy we could be enjoying the present moment ♥ have a beautiful day ♥

honor and embrace everyone as if they are you because they are

when we really love ourselves we see everyone and everthing as a refelction of that love. when we really embrace and honor ourselves we honor and embrace everyone. the time is now to come together in unity to support and empower everyone. the time is now to stop harming other people with our thoughts and actions, but to see each and everything as a part of the circle. see everyone and everything as a part of yourself because they are. have a beautiful day ♥

you are love

Releasing fear can be a very difficult challenge. However, choosing love can be just as difficult. For one thing, not all of us have deeply experienced love, whereas, everyone has felt fear. The higher expression of love is unconditional love, which is love with no conditions, no rules, no requirements. It is extremely rare for humans to love unconditionally. Hence, most of us have not experienced... unconditional love—unless we have found a connection with the higher dimensions. The love that comes from Angels, Ascended Masters and our true, Multidimensional SELF is always unconditional. If it is not unconditional, it is not from Spirit. The unconditional love we can experience through communication with higher Beings can teach us that love is available without the hidden element of fear. suzanne lie See More

the time is now

It is an illusion to think that everything will be better on the other side, or in another place, for this place is here and it is now and it is directly related to your capacity to love, to be love, to give and to be whole in this time and in this moment right now.
the arcturians ♥ christine von lossberg artist

you are divine spark

know this we love you. we are here for you. you can create what you wish in any moment you desire it without time time is limiting you step outside of time and travel journey and create a space of seeing yourself and remembering yourself as you really are. you are deeply loved and gifted . trust in your gifts and step out of your own way .you are divine spirit divine spark wisdom keeper spread ... your wisdom to all who will listen all who wish to remember who you really are beyond the constraints of time. step outside of time to help you create that which you are seeking. you are so much more vast then you ever can imagine trust your inner knowing divine wisdom keeper and spread love throughout the land even in the face of great opposition. be love stay in love and radiate your spark wherever you go. trust in that more then what you see or what you think you know . the arcturians ♥ channeled by me ♥ have a beautiful day


let go of resistance and trust. healing is yours trust in the process dont resist it. be at peace and know be certain all is as it should be always in divine working order dont resist allow the unfolding and allow the process without resistance. dont push dont force just allow. just notice like wind allow things to flow through you be at peace with all things and live a peaceful day. all is well and moving as it should be as it has to be. have a beautiful day ♥

you are loved

You are a Divine Being. Health, balance and abundance of light and love are your birthright.
anytime you feel separate from these know it is an illusion you created for yourself ♥ the arcturians ♥