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i am a warrior

what is courage have you ever wondered did u ever ask yourself. to me courage is looking within and going inside yourself your heart and feeling your true feelings your authentic self. courage is honoring everything you are your dark and your light pieces of yourself. courage is knowing how to say your sorry admitting your mistakes, and loving yourself and everyone anyway. courage is being true to the song of who you really are not the song of who others wish you to be. i myself have many sides my wild and sexy side,my naughty shaman side, my serious and thoughtful side, my heart opened wide crying an ocean side, my angry screaming reactive side, my crazy zany woody allen meets scorsese everything is a movie side. i have finally embraced all my sides . the lakota say a warrior is one who can cry because when we cry we understand, and when we understand we can have compassion. i myself have always had compassion for people because from an early age i understood what it meant to want t…

my feet are touching the earth more deeply

i dont know how to explain it, but ive noticed since ive been walking this medicine path my feet touch the earth more deeply. they actually sink into the earth more then ever before. im so excited to head to the north and the medicine of the hummingbird. i am filled with enormous gratitude to the four winds society school for ive made so many changes in such a short period. i have been able to shed and transform so much energetically with my morning breathing meditation my fire ceremonies at the full and new moons, and just being in silence and going within. i learned so much already this yr and many different practices, and every day i realize is a time to practice again. the patterns i have been shifting were difficult to shift, but i realize that i was willing which was the main thing, and now i see i am changing. i received all the rites of the munay ki which have helped me to honor myself at a higher level, and i realized recently my body couldnt tolerate any less than w…

hummingbird medicine

i will walk in a garden of flowers smelling each and every fragrence as if it were the first time . i will be at peace walking each day with beauty and love . the hummingbird has a song of joy a song to dance to. please dance this dance with me in the garden of your dreams let us dance together peacefully joyfully

a dance with the moon

under the moon i cried i shed my skin i wept i danced i sang in the moonlights embrace i breathed in the light of what was once the darkness of my soul .the illusions shattered of what i thought you were of who i was and everything i thought. i danced and wept and embraced the new parts of me retrieved and danced some more. under the moon grandmother moon held me so tightly so dear and i knew i was loved. debra dancing daughter of the moon

the hummingbird a time for joy

in five weeks i attend the medicine wheel north a time to bring in love and peace and more joy. 2011 was an intense year of change and transformation. i was given the rites of the munay ki, and many things fell away as i walked my way around the wheel. when i received the rites i didnt know how much my vision would open up. i was able to see and know more then i ever have before. something i discovered was we are so powerful we can change everything we can heal. change can be very hard , but to look within is the road of bravery and courage, and not everyone is willing to do it. realizing we can't bring everyone on our journey, and learning to accept where they are is key. something that i had to learn was everyone has their own free will and their own choice to live the life they lead, and i cannot force anyone to join me on the journey. im learning the practice of non judgement again. today i received the practice makes perfect card, and its true i have learned to forg…