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the star keeper

recently i was blessed to receive the remaining rites of the munay ki by wonderful and amazing shaman rob mcmahon. i felt guided to receive the rest of the rites before 2012, and so i decided to ask him if he would be willing to give these to me and i am so grateful he said yes. i was always and still am very attracted to stars. a year ago i went through a terrible crisis something i attracted , but horrible none the less i thought my life was over. some people i discovered in my community had decided to try to take away my free will. what i realized recently was how did i take away my free will with the choices i was making. . it was a vision i had of myself a year ago from now that had kept me going. it had to do with a star. i had no idea how much the rites of the munay ki would shift my life. they have completely healed me and im still healing with the help of the lineage and some amazing people i have met at the four winds society. i have been blessed to meet people …

stepping into the fire

well almost one week back from walking with protection and i learned many valuable lessons . one big one is everything is perception. i am done with battles for one and trying to force things to happen. i am finally willing to allow what happens to happen. i received many gifts in the class and learned so much about myself. mostly that i am brave and courageous and willing to do anything to heal myself. i am willing to face all parts of myself even if i had to be nudged to do it. my teacher was incredible and the two assistants outstanding. i felt so loved and supported after the class not during it when i finally realized what they were trying to teach me. during the process i was angry, ashamed, and sad beyond belief, but now for today i am more peaceful . i am not as quick to judge another persons experience or what they do or how they act. i do believe this class could lead to world peace. if we all could look at ourselves and how we act in the world, and understand …