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the real transformation begins when we give up the fight to having what we want and letting go surrendering to love the love within us and the love all around and realizing that everything we need is within us. when we realize we dont have to fight one another, criticize, or judge one another but truly be in a space of love and kindness the world transforms. we transform into the butterflies we were meant to be. as i am recently rediscovering my inner child and realizing how i didnt receive this message as a child i realize more and more how many other of us didnt either. this is why i have had always had enormous comapssion for other people and wanted to give them the space to be heard be loved which is what we all want. as we move closer to the 2012 and the many changes taking place on the planet my hope is more of us all of us will realize we dont have to fight or hurt other people out of fear of losing something, but just trust the universe in knowing whatever you need wi…

the inner child

its a hard thing to admit and realize as an adult that you were never parented as i have come to realize. it was in the silence where i came to realize this and in the silence where i found my self respect as i was taught to learn. in the silence where i have realized so many of us havent found the courage yet to work on our shadow self. as i listened recently to james redfield talk about his new book on the twelth insight i realize that now is the time for us to identify and work on this aspect of ourselves in order to recover. so many of us have this critical parent within us and in turn we hurt other people as a result. it takes real courage to go into the silence deeper into oneself and admit truthfully who we are so we can shine as we were meant to. i am grateful for these teachings for i have been able to be in the silence more than i ever was able to be alone in meditation and sit with myself and realize its ok. i believe so many of us are wounded children so many of us…

a voice for the voiceless

what does it mean to be a voice for the voiceless this is something i have always been dont know how it happened i was born this way, and believe me it isnt easy. it is my deepest wish this year to bring awareness and consciousness to the homeless the ones without a voice the ones we hide from the ones we look at maybe judge or criticize. how does it feel to live a life this way and who are to judge anyone. the homeless just want love like you and me. i want to be their voice help them share their stories. help people to find love and compassion for all people no matter what. this is where we must go deeper into ourselves to realize we are all the same all wanting to be loved and nothing more. it doesnt matter what we wear or who did our hair or where we live or what we do or what we drive. the only thing that matters is that we love one another with unconditional love. together living this way with compassion for all beings on the planet we are capable of great magic and manifestatio…